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Discover Task

Timeline provides a powerful tool for quick task defining. The Discover task allows you to choose the forms you want to include and instantly create a task with them. You can experiment with multiple tasks without thoroughly configuring each of them.

Each time you launch one task wizard, you can create a definition for 1 task. Use this tool to identify tasks quickly and proceed with analysis. Create several slightly varied definitions for the same task to see which will be easier to automate. For example, a user places orders. One of the task definitions may include Outlook forms, where the user gets order details. The other task definition may not include these forms, considering this step as optional for the process. Compare the resulting tasks to see how the presence or absence of forms influences the process complexity.

How to discover task

  1. Click Discover task in the top right corner of Task definition editor.
  2. Select forms that relate to the task definition. You can select all forms within 1 application by choosing it.
  3. Enter the task name.
  4. Click Create task.
    The detected task instances appear in Task definition editor. You can additionally adjust task properties.

Using steps 1-4, define as many tasks as you need.

  1. Once you finished defining tasks, click Apply and cut logs in Task definition editor.

On the project overview page, you see updated information about tasks.

Usage examples

Create multiple definitions for the process to investigate which fits the most.

Check how the application's and forms' presence or absence affects the task.

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