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How to Add Resources

A resource is a countable value of any object that is needed for a certain event. The resource is defined by its type and quantity. Timeline provides several methods to add resources for a simulation scenario. You can use one or combine them to define resources.

  1. Click Add resource type on the Configuration tab in General settings.
  2. Select one of the methods:
    1. Add resource type manually
      It is a suitable way when you exactly know which resource you need and the number of objects it provides. Select this method from the drop-down list and enter the resource type name and its quantity in the corresponding fields. Click to save the created resource.
    2. Mine resource from data
      In this case, the program adds resources from uploaded project data. Also, there is an option to mine resource demand for the selected schema automatically.
      For details, see Mine Resources from Project Data.
  3. Created resources are displayed in General setting. Click to delete a resource and to modify the resource name or quantity.

After you add resources to the scenario, you can adjust and reallocate their demand for nodes. For details, see Nodes and Transitions Configuration.

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