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Process Analysis Project


A Process Analysis project uses digital footprints of various events to reconstruct business processes. Timeline combines events belonging to a certain process based on unique identifiers - timeline IDs. All events, that have the same timeline ID, create a timeline - a structured sequence of events. Using plenty of available tools and analysis modules, you can explore the processes from different angles.

For example, a database contains information about deliveries: parcels shipping and arriving in stocks, when and who takes parcels for delivery, when parcels arrive to a customer, etc. Each parcel has a unique number, which helps to easily identify it in the IT system. This number becomes a timeline ID that allows recreating event history for each process instance. All actions for a certain process are structured in a chain - a timeline. When you are ready with data upload, the program creates timelines. Continue with analysis using built-in tools, check the automatically pulled statistics, such as process duration, monitor your processes in real-time, receive alerts, and much more.

Quick start

Follow these steps to create a project and upload data:

  1. After the first login, Timeline creates a new project automatically. Proceed with step 2 in this case.
    If you already have projects under your account and want to create a new one:
    1. Click > New.
    2. Enter the name and click OK.
      By default, Timeline creates a new project with the Manual file upload data source.
  2. Click Upload your data and choose a CSV file to upload.
    See Data Requirements and Mapping for details about CSV files.
  3. Map the mandatory fields: drag and drop labels Timeline ID, Timestamp, and Event Name to the corresponding fields of the table.
    Other columns can be mapped optionally. After configuring the required fields, click Label all as attributes to map other columns automatically.
    For details, see Data Requirements and Mapping.
  4. Click Confirm and start upload.
  5. Click Go to project after a successful upload. Primary path view with Default board opens.
    For details, see Getting Started with Process View.

Features and functionality

Timeline offers a variety of options to work with the processed data:

  • Use the new Process view feature that brings together a schema view and a highly interactive board, which makes possible a flexible custom analysis. Select one of the options that suits your needs:
    • Primary path view, which displays the most frequent and common flow of events. It gives a possibility to find deviations from the main path in processes, and the reasons for such deviations.
    • Milestone view, which is a standard process schema, powered with the tools of the new analysis module. You can generate it automatically or build it manually.

      For details, see Process View.
  • Experiment with process performance using the Simulation feature. You can test potential changes in processes in a complex way and evaluate the impact of these changes on the entire business process. Discover Simulation in Process Analysis projects to find solutions for process optimization.
    For details, see Simulation.
  • Analyze timelines using any of the built-in modules. Optionally, filter timelines to focus on the essential information.
    For details, see:
    Data Analysis
    Filtering Tools, Filters, and Sets
  • Use charts and dashboards to make analysis much more illustrative and helpful for users to get a vision of data distribution in specific cases.
    For details, see:
  • Configure your project to prepare different metrics for data display on charts, set calendars to define the business duration metric, specify the cost of events and calculate processes spending, etc.
    For details, see Configuration Tools.
  • Share projects with colleagues and adjust their roles and permissions.
    For details, see Accounts, User Roles & Permissions.

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