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Metrics is a flexible tool that allows you to save certain measurements for further comparison or analysis and may serve as custom performance or quality marks. With the help of Metrics, you can pick the required information from a timeline set and turn it into a separate unit.
In Timeline, being a separate tool, Metrics are not independent. They become a base for detailed analysis in such tools as Aggregations and Charts.
You can create timeline sets based on certain time periods, and, for each of them, a metric for the time gap between two events, for example, the obtaining of a package by a courier and the delivery to a customer.  Put these metrics on a Dashboard as a Chart to be compared with similar ones from other time frames: months, weeks, etc. Thereby, you will get a visual representation of the possible deviations and the freedom to analyze the influence of external factors on the stability of your shipping service. You will not have to configure the comparison every time, since you have saved custom metrics.

How to configure a Metric

  1. Open Metrics tool. To do it, click > Project configuration > Metrics.
  2. Click + Create.
  3. Set the Name for the metric.
  4. To determine the purpose of the metric later, add a description.
  5. Choose a Set name to base the metric on.
  6. Choose and configure metric type.

    Show metric types

  1. Click Save to apply settings.

Metrics in other tools and analysis modules


In this tool, you can combine your metrics with dimensions and display the result in a table view.

For general information about the tool, see Aggregations.


Charts can be based on metrics. Add an already existing metric or create a new one to use it as a chart source for further visualization. With the help of such charts, you can add your metrics to dashboards and the Board side of the Process view analysis module.

For general information about the tool, see Charts.

Side-by-side analysis

Metrics are the main elements for this analysis module. Add your created metrics to the Side-by-side analysis to get a visualized comparison on one screen.

For general information about this analysis module, see Side by Side Comparison.


The metric list can be accessed directly from a dashboard. You can check this list to find out what metrics are already created in this project or create new required metrics to simplify the creation of the correct charts based on them.
Important. The metric list is available only for users who have User, Data manager, or Administrator role in the project where the needed dashboard is contained.

For general information about the Dashboard feature, see Dashboards.

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