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Working with Process Projects in Large Data Mode

As processing large datasets may be both time and resource consuming, ABBYY Timeline offers a special Large Data Mode to optimize data processing.

In Large Data Mode, ABBYY Timeline will chunk up your data to increase productivity, but some of its functionality will not be available to you.

Large Data Mode Limitations

Data processing

  • Disabling data caching in your browser will slow down performance, as all data will be processed on the server. We do not recommend disabling data caching for large projects.
  • No actions can be performed while the progress bar is displayed, but you will be able to switch to another project.

Working with timelines

  • Only the first 300 timelines in your project can be viewed and sorted.
  • In the Process Schema module, only the first 300 timelines can be animated.
  • You cannot tag more than 10,000 timelines.
  • Detailed Case (Instance) Analysis cannot be opened in a separate window.


  • The Forecast module is not available.
  • The Aggregations tool is not available.
  • In the Path Analysis module, no tooltip will be displayed indicating the minimum, maximum, or average duration of timelines.

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