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Interval Histogram

The histogram display is mostly similar to the one in Metric Window, however, the nature of entities on which the Interval histogram is based causes its behavior and filtering impact to act differently. The main distinctive feature of the Interval histogram is that it is based on the selected intervals and not on timelines containing them. This means that the histogram gathers all the selected event pairs existing in the timeline set, and all data on it relates to the intervals themselves. Being applied as a filter, however, the Interval measurements configuration results in the range of timelines containing the required interval, even if it occurs more than once within a single timeline.
At the same time, the Interval measurements analysis module is self-sufficient enough when it comes to the time behavior of process steps pairs. The histogram it builds will help you to collect and assess statistics on the gaps between very precisely specified events or their attribute occurrences, providing its own instruments to focus on even more specific intervals.

You can make the following adjustments to the histogram:

  1. Define MIN and MAX values for the histogram.
    Move the slider manually or provide exact values in the respective fields to adjust the interval boundaries and focus on a certain span. For a more responsive assessment, you may also want to switch the format of values: secs, mins, hrs, days, months, years.
  2. Average and Median metric values
    Select whether to show the average or the median value of the selected interval range.
  3. Define the metrics range: min - max, 75 percentiles, 90 percentiles
    By default, min - max is selected. You can click on it and select another option in the appeared drop-down list. Once configured, the metric range is applied to all considered values. The change causes the histogram to restructure, and sliders on the histogram adjust automatically.
  4. Add Breakdown by dimensions
    Click Select dimension and configure one to see its distribution for the currently selected timelines in descending order. Changing borders on the histogram does not influence the dimensional data.
    Click the certain dimension value to display its chart as a main histogram.
    For more information on the Dimensions tool, see Dimensions.

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