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Attribute Duration Intervals

In Timeline, the duration of an attribute means the absolute difference between two time-attributes of a single event. Attribute duration is the second metric that you can base an interval on. This approach allows a more focused and lower-level analysis because more specific points of reference are involved - event attributes. This helps you to take a closer look inside the general steps of a process and assess the performance within a certain event.

Aspects of calculation

When providing a configuration for Interval measurements based on the Attribute duration metric you specify the attributes of one specific event as borders of the intervals that should be displayed on the resulting histogram. The metric shows the time difference between attributes, which makes it possible to calculate time spent on smaller and more detailed parts of a process. In this analysis module, after the event and its attributes are specified, the program will search for all occurrences of this event in timelines, take those that have the specified attributes, and calculate the absolute values of time spent between these attributes. All the detected intervals are added to the resulting histogram.
When detecting intervals, the program ignores the attributes not belonging to the specified event or the ones with null values. This may result in an inability to create a histogram if none of the event occurrences have the selected attribute. The program will prompt you that there is not enough data for the histogram. Then, you may want to adjust the interval configuration.
Important. Only attributes containing time/date information are supported for the analysis, this means the columns in the uploaded data should have the Date format. Otherwise, it will be impossible to select them. If the project does not contain any date/time attributes, it will be impossible to select the Attribute duration metric at all.


  1. Choose an event whose attributes will be considered when creating the histogram.
  2. Define the interval boundaries by selecting two different attributes of the previously chosen event.
    To do it, click the "+" icon on the interval start and end, then select one attribute from the appeared drop-down list. When the start and end of the interval are selected, a histogram appears, and you can adjust its details.

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