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Interval Measurements


This analysis module allows users to capture and analyze processing time, waiting time, or similar durations of certain process segments. You can measure the time spent between the occurrences of two different events, or zoom the process in to take a look at the lower attribute level, which shows the sub-processes going within events themselves. These options make the module flexible enough to extract nearly any time segment from a real process and use it to perform the required analytic evaluations.
Similarly to many other instruments offered by Timeline, the Interval measurements analysis module allows applying its configuration as a filter to the current data set, and hence narrowing down the analysis scope. This way, you get one more instrument to shift your focus to a more exact range of values, useful for your task.

In this analysis module, two metric types are used - Event duration and Attribute duration. For details on metric types and general information about metrics as a separate configuration tool in Timeline, see Metrics.

To use this analysis module, select Interval measurements in the drop-down list under the project's name.

Dealing with Interval measurements

Interval measurements offers two different approaches to defining intervals, which causes the configuration options to differ depending on the selected metric. To get a closer look at the analysis module and get familiar with its workspace and configuration, see:

  1. Event Duration Intervals
    Learn about configuration steps and important aspects for intervals based on the Event duration metric.
  2. Attribute Duration Intervals
    Learn about configuration steps and important aspects for intervals based on the Attribute duration metric.
  3. Interval Histogram
    Learn about the resulting histogram based on the intervals you define, its adjustment, and filtering options.

After metric and histogram parameters are set, you can save the whole configuration for long-term monitoring.

Interval Measurements workspace example

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