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Data Sources

Timeline provides various opportunities to upload data to a project. You can upload data manually, on a scheduled basis, from third-party sites, or the Timeline repository.

Before you begin

  • Role required: Project Administrator.
    To manage data sources in Timeline, you must be an administrator in the project. To learn more about project roles, see Accounts, User Roles & Permissions.
  • It is recommended to create a new project for the newly connected data source.
    If you change a data source in the project containing timelines, the program deletes all previously uploaded data to proceed with the new source.

How to change a data source

In a new empty project:

  1. On the Welcome page, click Edit project details > Data sources.
  2. Select the desired data source.

In the project with uploaded data:

  1. Click > Project details > Data sources.
  2. Select the desired data source.

Important. If you select a data source in the project with uploaded data, before switching to the new data source, the program prompts you to delete all project data. The data deletion cannot be undone. Confirm this action, if you agree to remove the data from the project.

Supported data sources

Note. One of the channels for uploading data to the Timeline project is Repository. You can import multiple files in the repository. The uploaded data are stored in tables. You can transform data in tables using various repository operations. To proceed with Timeline features and functions, upload data to the project using the Load into project operation.
To learn more about the Timeline repository, see Repository & Data Management.

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