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Data Sources

Timeline provides various opportunities to upload data to a project. You can upload data manually, on a scheduled basis, from third-party sites, or the Timeline repository.

Before you begin

  • Role required: Project Administrator.
    To manage data sources in Timeline, you must be an administrator in the project. To learn more about project roles, see Accounts, User Roles & Permissions.
  • It is recommended to create a new project for the newly connected data source.
    If you change a data source in the project containing timelines, the program deletes all previously uploaded data to proceed with the new source.

How to change a data source

In a new empty project:

  1. On the Welcome page, click Edit project details > Data sources.
  2. Select the desired data source.

In the project with uploaded data:

  1. Click > Project details > Data sources.
  2. Select the desired data source.

Important. If you select a data source in the project with uploaded data, before switching to the new data source, the program prompts you to delete all project data. The data deletion cannot be undone. Confirm this action, if you agree to remove the data from the project.

Supported data sources

Timeline supports various data sources that cover different data upload scenarios. You can choose an option that best suits your infrastructure, workflows, and related tasks. Below, you will find a list of the supported sources available in the Data sources tab of the Project details window:

  • General upload options
    A sub-list with multiple data sources that can be used simultaneously. This means that data upload from each of the selected sources is available within the same project. For example, if you have a scheduled upload configured, you can still upload auxiliary data manually when needed. This will add new data fragments to the project without erasing the results of previous uploads, and the schedule configuration will remain intact.
    Important. Parallel upload is not supported, so you will need to wait until the ongoing upload finishes before starting another one.
    • Manual file upload
      Import process-related information in a CSV file from a computer.
      To learn more about manual file upload, see Quick Start > Process Analysis Project > Data Requirements and Mapping.
    • Scheduled file upload
      Plan periodic uploads from an SFTP source.
      To learn more about this data source, see Scheduled File Upload via SFTP.
    • Alteryx
      Upload data directly from Alteryx.
      To learn more about this data source, see Connecting to Alteryx as a Data Source.
    • Timeline API
      Integrate a 3rd-party application or system for direct data upload using Timeline external API. This option provides the most flexible approach for data upload, as it greatly expands the range of possible data sources and their customization for Timeline.
      To learn more possibilities offered by Timeline API, see the separate Timeline API guide.
  • Real-time data upload
    Handle frequent uploads of data portions to Timeline.
  • Salesforce.com
    Upload data directly from Salesforce.com.
    To learn more about this data source, see Connecting to Salesforce as a Data Source.
  • ServiceNow
    Upload data directly from ServiceNow.
    To learn more about this data source, see ServiceNow.
  • Five9
    Upload data directly from Five9 cloud solutions.
  • Recoding Service
    Select this option as a data source for Task Mining projects. Timeline accepts recorded user actions as an input for such a project type. Upload user logs from Recoding Service or manually import prepared Recorder logs.
    To learn more about uploading data to Task Mining projects, see Task Mining > Data Upload.

Note. One of the channels for uploading data to the Timeline project is Repository. You can import multiple files to the repository. The uploaded data are stored in tables. You can transform data in tables using various repository operations. To proceed with Timeline features and functions, upload data to the project using the Load into project operation.
To learn more about the Timeline repository, see Repository & Data Management.

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