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Limitations when Uploading via SFTP

  1. Use upload via SFTP as scheduled file upload, not as real-time data upload.
  2. Keep time intervals between uploads since it takes some time to upload and process data.
    It is recommended to upload files no more than once per 5 minutes. The upload time may increase when uploading large files and executing a large number of operations in a repository.
  3. A project and repository are unavailable during the data upload and post-processing.
    Timeline allows you to select multiple sources to upload data, but it is allowed to use only one data source to upload at a time. In case uploads initiated from different sources overlap in time, only the upload initiated first will be successful.
    1. While data is being uploaded to a repository with the preconfigured Load into project operation, an overlapped upload attempt to the same project may fail because the project will be unavailable until the Load into project operation initiated by the repository completes.
    2. While a user manually uploads data to the project via the Timeline website, the upload via SFTP to the same project may fail due to the project being unavailable until the user-initiated upload completes. Same for a repository. The repository is unavailable for upload via SFTP until the upload to the same repository, initiated manually by the user on the Timeline website is completed.

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