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Getting Started with Process View

After data upload, the Process view page opens that consists of 2 separate schema views and an interactive board:

  • Primary path view
    A graph that shows the most common events' order. You can overlay other frequently occurring paths to the graph display to see how they deviate from the primary path.

    Examine Primary path view

  • Milestone view
    An adjustable schema that can be formed automatically or configured manually. It allows creating the workflow you want to examine and explore overview statistics for the current timeline set selected at the top pane.

    Configure and discover Milestone view

  • Boards with Tiles
    A Board is a configurable workspace where you can add various Tiles to fit different analysis purposes. Tiles can contain set statistics, view-related data, charts based on user-defined metrics, and dimensions represented with pie and bar charts.

    Dealing with Default board

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