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Board is an interactive, configurable panel. It is designed for a dashboard-like visualization space that allows having a detailed image of the project broken down by the most illustrative metrics and, at the same time, it helps to have a completely customized set of metrics for every separate analysis purpose. Only you decide what is best for your task.


These are configurable boards for interactive visualization elements to be placed on. When opened for the first time, the Default board is displayed. It is a pre-configured board with Tiles allowing you to get general information on the data loaded to the project. You can create your personal boards with different sets of Tiles fitting for specific analysis tasks. By clicking the Board name, you see the list of existing boards and the following options:

  • Manage boards
    Select this option to open the list of existing boards with possible settings:
    - edit the board's name.
    - delete the board.
    - reset the Default board to the initial state.
  • Add new board
    Select this option to create a new empty Board and then add tiles to it.

How to create Board

  1. Open Process view from the drop-down list.
    Note. The Process view analysis module opens by default when your first open or switch between projects.
  2. Click the Board name to open a drop-down list of available boards and settings. Default board is always available.
  3. Select Add new board.
  4. In the opened pop-up window, fill in the Board name field and click OK. As the result, a new empty board is created.
  5. Add tiles to your freshly created board. New boards are always added empty, but they display the New tile pane for a convenient start with tiles creation.
    For instructions, see How to add Tiles on Boards.
  6. Drag and drop or resize tiles to reach the most convenient display on the board.


These are visualization elements that represent set statistics and customer-created Charts. Add all sorts of Tiles to your board to form a clear vision of data involved in a certain analysis process.

How to add Tiles on Boards

You can add tiles to any board, including the pre-configured Default board.

  1. Click the New tile button on the Board controls section. A pop-up Create new tile window opens.
  2. Select a tile type to display from the Set statistic or chart list. This list contains general metrics and all user-created charts existing in the current project.
    To learn what information can be displayed on Tiles, see Tile types.
  3. Optionally, you can create a completely new chart directly from this window. Click New chart... to open the Chart editor window and create a new chart. You can also create new metrics here.
    For details on chart creation, see How to Configure Chart.
  4. If available, add Data table to display metric values as a grid. You can choose to show from Top 5 to All data values. Lines in the table are interactive, click a value to apply it as a schema filter.
    Important. This option is available only for Pie charts and Bar charts.
  5. Click Save to display the new Tile on the current Board.

Tile types

Manage Tile

You can discover Tile settings by clicking three dots in its upper right corner. From this drop-down you can select one of the following options:

  • Edit chart
    Opens the Chart editor window where you can modify the selected chart.
    Note. This option is available only if a customer-created chart is displayed on the tile.
  • Edit tile
    Opens the Edit tile window to modify the content of the selected tile.
  • Duplicate tile
    Creates a copy of the tile on the current board.
  • Delete tile
    Removes the tile from the board.

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