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How to Configure Dashboard

Dashboards combine a configurable display grid with a variety of interactive visualization elements to be placed on. To start with a new dashboard, click , enter the name and click OK. The program switches to the newly created dashboard automatically.

Click Edit mode to configure the dashboard display and content. After that, a new configuration panel with settings buttons appears. You can add tiles, adjust their size, and recalculate data if the program detects related changes. To rename the dashboard, enter its new name instead of the old one in the top left corner.

Important. Do not forget to turn on Edit mode to change dashboard configuration as described below.

Add Tiles

  1. Turn on Edit mode.
  2. Click Diagrams in the top right corner.
  3. The List of diagrams window opens. Select on the left what to add to the dashboard:
    1. A diagram from the current project.
    2. A diagram from any other project you own or shared with you.
      To show diagrams from another project, click on the project's name at the top of the List of diagrams window and choose the desired one.
    3. A new dashboard tile.
      To do it, click +Create and select one of the available options. After you configure a tile, click OK.
      To learn more about tile types and how to configure each of them, see Dashboard Tiles.
      Note. Once you created a tile with custom settings, it appears in the List of Diagrams. Even if you remove a tile from the dashboard, the program will keep this configured tile in the list.
  4. After you select diagrams from the list, click the Add to dashboard button.
    New tiles will appear on the dashboard. The program automatically places them in the first available place in the first column. If necessary, scroll the screen down to see the added tiles.
  5. You can reconfigure tiles by clicking > Edit tile. To remove a tile from the dashboard, click > Delete tile.

Some tiles may use Metrics and Aggregations statistics or information. You can get quick access to these tools in the top right corner of the Dashboard window. For details on the tools, see Metrics, Aggregations.

Customize display

The Dashboard feature has a fully adjustable layout to place your tiles. Arrange visualization elements as desired:

  • To change the size of the tile, pull its lower right corner.
  • To move the tile, drag and drop the tile holding its title.

Note. The program can resize and move a tile only if a new size or location has enough free space to contain it.

In addition, the program provides the Auto-layout option, that helps organize tiles on the dashboard. To use it, click . When turned on, the program automatically compacts tiles vertically. When you drag or resize tiles, they can push each other aside.

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