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How to Create and Execute Alert

To receive Alerts messages, you need to add a new alert and configure its settings. Make an alert Active to get notifications after the next data upload. See step-by-step descriptions below for adding, configuring, and executing alerts.

Add Alert

  1. Go to Alerts.
    To do this, click > Project configuration > Alerts.
  2. In the +add alert field, type a name and press Enter.
    The new alert appears in the list.

After creating an alert, you need to set it up in the Edit alert window.

Configure Alert

  1. Go to Alerts.
  2. Next to an alert name, click .
  3. The Edit alert window opens.
    In this window you can make an alert Active, change its name, add a description, and configure the following alert settings:
    1. Alert expires in
      Enter the number of days the program stores an alert.
    2. Alert based on Set
      Select the timeline set, where the program will search for timelines that meet the alert conditions. By default, the application performs a search for all timelines.
      Optionally, you can select the additional analysis tool that affects the timeline selection. For example, an alert can show messages when timelines meet Query or Deadline conditions.
    3. Include timelines
      Set a rule that searches timelines and adds them to the alert report.

      Show rules descriptions.

  1. Include attributes
    Select certain event attributes to include in the message. To do this, click Add button, choose event(s) and attributes, and click Select.
  2. Specify alert recipients. Enter their e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers.
    Important. Users receive Inbox messages in the program if they are listed as e-mail recipients. Enter your Timeline profile e-mail address in the Email to field as well to get in-app messages.
    For more information, see Alert Notifications.
  3. Add a webhook if necessary. This allows to inform other IT systems when alerts occur.
    For more information, see:
    Configure Alert Using POST Method
    Configure Alert Using SOAP Method
  4. Schedule the alerts if needed.
    For more information, see How to Schedule Alert.
  1. Click Save alert.

Execute Alert

When you upload new data to a project, the application will search for timelines that meet alert conditions. In case there are matched timelines for active alerts, the program creates and sends corresponding notifications. For more information, see Alert Notifications.

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