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Data Transmission & Storage FAQ’s

Where is data that is uploaded into the platform stored?

The ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence solution is a SAAS application hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform. Any data that is loaded into our system is loaded to our Amazon environment. The decision of what data to load is controlled 100% by your personnel. While ABBYY Timeline employs rigorous security protections and all data is always encrypted in motion and at rest we strongly recommend that our customers do not load any PII, PHI or other highly sensitive data to the cloud as it is not necessary for process intelligence analysis.

If it is determined that certain sensitive data is required to be loaded ABBYY Timeline also offers utilities to further obfuscate the sensitive data using a one-way FIPS compliant hashing mechanism (and this is also generally a standard feature of most modern database systems). ABBYY Timeline can also provide advice as to other best practices for selecting certain data to facilitate your analysis without being dependent on name, email, telephone or other protected information.

Where is the data stored from a locale perspective?

All data is stored in the Amazon AWS environment. TimelinePI’s primary for the United States region is Amazon US East (VA) with a failover option for clients electing this option to the US West Region. The primary for Europe region is Amazon Europe (EU). The primary for the Oceania region is Amazon Sydney. Other local instances may be added from time-to-time. Within these Amazon regions they operate multiple Availability zones. For security reasons Amazon does not disclose physical addresses of these centers but ensure that the two regions identified are operated entirely within the specified region. ABBYY Timeline also offers operations deployment options to comply with specific local data protection regulations.

What mechanism is used for uploading data into the system?

ABBYY Timeline provides multiple options for uploading data. The most common approach for projects during the analysis phase is via a manual loading of data extracted from systems of record or databases in a CSV format. Using this manual mechanism the data is loaded over the HTTPS protocol using the ABBYY Timeline user interface. In production environments where data is loaded on a regular basis it can be uploaded to the cloud via ABBYY Timeline provided utilities or delivered via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The use of our provided utility of your delivery via your FTP tools can be integrated with your preferred scheduling software so you can manage the process in your current operating environment. If required or preferred ABBYY Timeline also offer some additional free utilities that provide direct database access, transformation/preparation and loading services.

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