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How to Recalculate Data on Dashboard

Dashboards show data statistics considering all timelines in the project. When the program finishes processing the uploaded data, it automatically updates information in tiles on the dashboard.

However, a dashboard can contain data related to various project sub-resources, such as a timeline set configuration, metric and calendar settings, etc. When you make changes in such sub-resources, it influences the dashboard tiles, thus you may need to recalculate information.

For example, you added a Side-by-side comparison tile on the dashboard which is based on a certain timeline set. After that, you might change the filtration rules forming this set. Now new timelines belong to it. You will need to recalculate data on the dashboard to display up-to-date information.

To update information on the dashboard, click the Recalculate data button in the top pane. That updates the diagrams on the dashboard with the latest data.

22.02.2024 17:28:05

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