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How to Manage Dashboards

All your dashboards are available for management in the List of dashboards window, which shows your own dashboards and the ones shared with you. In the View mode, click to open List of dashboards. Here you can:

  • Open a dashboard.
    Display an available dashboard by clicking on its name. If a dashboard is not published, only its author can access it.
  • Create a new dashboard by clicking +Create new in the top right corner.
  • Mark a dashboard as a favorite.
    Add a dashboard to favorites for fast access from the drop-down list to the right of the project's name.
    Note. You can also mark a dashboard as a favorite in the Edit mode by clicking the Favorite button at the top.
  • Publish a dashboard.
    This action makes your dashboard available for other users in the project.
    To learn more about publishing dashboards and user roles and permission for published dashboards, see How to Share Dashboard.
  • Check who created a certain dashboard and when.
  • Delete dashboards.
    Click next to the dashboard or select multiple of them using the first left column and click the Delete button at the top.
  • Clone dashboards.
    A duplicated dashboard will contain all tiles of the original one, presented in the same order.
    Click next to the dashboard or select multiple of them using the first left column and click the Duplicate button at the top.
    Note. When you clone a dashboard, it has unpublished status and you become an author of it. To share the dashboard with other users, do not forget to publish it. For details, see How to Share a Dashboard.

Dashboards within the project

As a part of a Timeline project, dashboards are involved in actions performed with the project, such as deletion and cloning. For example:

  • When you clone a project, all dashboards within it will be copied to the duplicated project.
  • When you delete all the project data, all dashboard configurations, diagrams, and connected objects are also removed.

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