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Creating Dashboard

Dashboards are configurable boards for interactive visualization elements to be placed on. In Timeline, these elements are called Tiles. They allow you to get different sorts of information on the data loaded to the project.

The Edit mode allows you to set up the dashboard configuration, customize the dashboard grid, and recalculate tiles if Timeline detects related changes.

This section will help you to get familiar with the dashboard Edit mode, particularly:

  1. How to Configure Dashboard
    Here you will learn everything about the dashboard configuration - how to create a new dashboard, add and set up tiles, and customize the dashboard grid.
  2. How to Recalculate Data on Dashboard
    You will learn which data are represented on the dashboard and how to update statistics.
  3. How to Manage Dashboards
    Get familiar with managing and reviewing your dashboards.
  4. How to Share Dashboard
    To make your dashboards available for others, publish the dashboard and assign a special role for users - Dashboard viewer.

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