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Connecting to ODBC Data Sources

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard database access method. Timeline allows uploading data from ODBC-compatible databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL to the Timeline repository. To connect to ODBC-compatible databases, use the ODBC data sources option in the repository data source.

To upload data from ODBC-compatible databases, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the ODBC data source in Repository.
    In your Timeline repository, you need to set up an ODBC connection for your compatible databases enabling the ODBC data sources option and adding the adapter configuration.
    Depending on how you use Timeline through an ABBYY SAAS instance or install on-premises, the connection to ODBC databases has to be configured differently. For detailed instructions, see Configuring ODBC data source in Repository below.
  2. Start uploading your data.
    Upload data manually from the desired database, or set an upload schedule in the adapter configuration. For detailed instructions, see Uploading from ODBC Data Sources.

Configuring ODBC data source in Repository

  1. Open a Timeline repository.
    To do this, click the icon in the left bar. The Repository opens. If you have multiple repositories, select the one you need. To do this, go to Details > General, click Change, and select the desired.
  2. Go to the Details > Data sources tab and select ODBC data sources.
  3. Click Add configuration.
  4. In the ODBC import configuration window, fill in the following fields:
    1. Name
      Enter a unique name that identifies the data source you are configuring the connection to.
    2. Connection string
      This string passes to an ODBC driver to initiate the connection with an ODBC-compliant database.
      Depending on how you use Timeline through an ABBYY SAAS instance or install on-premises, the configuration for connecting to ODBC databases is different. For more details, see Connection string below.
      Important. ODBC connection string must not contain line breaks.
    3. Query
      Specify a string of SELECT query to the ODBC data source to get data.
      For example, select all columns and rows from the table Shipments:
      SELECT * FROM Shipments
  5. If required, configure the upload schedule. For details and instructions on how to do it, see Scheduled upload.
  6. After configuring your data source, click Save.

Connection string

Expand the sections below for details and examples of the possible connection string configurations depending on the operating system you use.

Cloud, Linux on-premises, and Kubernetes Timeline setups

Windows Server on-premises Timeline setups

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