Supported countries

A Receipts project can be used to capture receipts from any of the countries listed in the table below. The appropriate country will be detected by a classifier.

Country Country code Currency code
Angola AO AOA
Argentina AR ARS
Australia AU AUD
Austria AT EUR
Belgium BE EUR
Bolivia BO BOB
Brazil BR BRL
Canada CA CAD
Chile CL CLP
China* CN CNY
Colombia CO COP
Costa Rica CR CRC
Czech Republic CZ CZK
Denmark DK DKK
Dominican Republic DO DOP
Ecuador EC USD
El Salvador SV USD
Estonia EE EUR
Finland FI EUR
France FR EUR
Germany DE EUR
Guatemala GT GTQ
Honduras HN HNL
Hong Kong HK HKD
Ireland IE EUR
Italy IT EUR
Jordan JO JOD
Kenya KE KES
Luxemburg LU EUR
Malaysia MY MYR
Mexico MX MXN
Netherlands NL EUR
New Zealand NZ NZD
Norway NO NOK
Panama PA PAB
Poland PL PLN
Portugal PT EUR
Russia RU RUB
Singapore SG SGD
South Africa ZA ZAR
Spain ES EUR
Sweden SE SEK
Switzerland CH CHF
Thailand TH THB
Turkey TR TRY
United Kingdom GB GPB
Uruguay UY UYU

*Only the English language is supported for Chinese receipts.

If you are going to process receipts from one particular country, you can explicitly specify the two-letter code of that country in the fc_Predefined:ReceiptPredefinedCountries registration parameter. In this case, the program will not need to use a classifier in order to detect the country.

The fc_Predefined:ReceiptPredefinedCountries registration parameter can be added using an event handling script that is triggered whenever a new document is added. You can set up this script in the Batch Type Tools dialog box. If you are using a distributed edition of the program, you can create a custom processing stage and include the required event handling script into that stage (see Scripts for processing interface events for detailed instructions).

An example of using a script to specify a country

25.05.2023 7:55:02

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