Scripts for processing interface events

In ABBYY FlexiCapture, you can use scripts to process interface events. This allows you to configure the operation of a station, customize its interface, change a station's behavior under certain conditions, implement user commands, etc.

These scripts can be added for interactive workflow stages and for tools configured in the Tool Settings dialog box.

All script objects are available for reading and writing.

Access permissions to objects of the ControllerInterop used in scripts depend on the objects' state. The current document's state is returned by the DocumentState() method of the ITaskWindow interface. If the document's state is DS_Opened, then the ControllerInterop objects of the document are available for reading and writing. For other states, the objects of ControllerInterop are read-only.

Events that can be handled by means of scripts and their parameters are described below.



Note: Any changes you make to the interface by means of scripts will be discarded in the following cases:

  • When you enter a batch type other than the default batch type
  • When you exit a batch type other than the default batch type
  • When you open or close a project
  • When you close the station

Note: Web Stations do not support the use of scripts.

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