Workflow setup

Important! A document set cannot be transferred to a different processing stage in parts — it has to be moved in its entirety. When determining the requirements for transferring the document set to the processing stage and the routes for transferring the batch out of the stage, FlexiCapture will use statistics gathered for the entire document set.

Batch processing order is specified for each of the Batch Types. When a batch is created, its type is specified and the batch is processed in accordance with the settings for this batch type.

If no Batch Types are created, all batches will be processed using the <Default Settings> configured beforehand (Project → Project Properties..., Workflow).

The batch processing settings are configured on the Workflow tab of the Batch Type Properties dialog box.

You can set a deadline by which the batch must be processed. To do this, click the Set Time Limit... button and specify the time when you need the batch to be completely processed. In the Warn in field, specify when a warning should be displayed informing the user that the time allotted for the batch is running out. If you leave this field empty, the warning will be displayed automatically. The specified deadline and the status of the batch will be displayed in the Expires on and Status columns of the list of batches on the Project Setup Station and the list of queued tasks on the Verification Station.

The following workflow modes are available: Simple, Advanced, Unattended, for Web Capture station, and Advanced for Web Capture station.

The Simple mode

The Advanced mode

The Unattended mode

For Web Capture Station, workflow can be configured using the for Web Capture station and Advanced for Web Capture station modes.

The mode for Web Capture station

The Advanced mode for Web Capture station

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