Uploading a project to the Application Server

Once you have created a project, you need to upload it to the Application Server. This will copy the project settings, Document Definition files, dictionaries, and other service data onto the Application Server.

Important! If batches have been created in the project, the batches will not be copied to the Application Server when you upload the project.

To upload your project to the Application Server, click File → Upload Project to Server... on the main menu of the Project Setup Station. In the dialog box that opens, specify:

  • the URL of the server (i.e. https://<ApplicationServer> where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed) and the type of authentication to be used,
  • Tenant name in the respective field.

Note: Only the Administrator may create new projects. The project setup Operator can only set up already created projects. For this reason, after a project is uploaded to the Application Server and the station Operators are granted the required permissions by the Administrator, the project setup Operator must open the project on the Application Server by clicking File → Open Project from Server... and make the necessary settings (i.e. create Document Definitions, configure import profiles, specify export settings, etc.).

Important! For the export to be successful, the path to the project folder must be specified in UNC format (\\computer_name\share_name[\path] after uploading the project to the Application Server. Make sure all the stations involved in the export have access to the specified folder. Specifying the path in the format \[path]" will result in export errors. If you specify the relative path, the data will be accessible only via the API. To access the data using other methods, you need to specify the root folder for relative paths in UNC format (this can be done when configuring the project properties).

For instructions on uploading tenant projects to the server, please refer to Working with tenants.

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