Checking document sets at the scanning stage

You may need to check document sets for completeness before they go through all the processing stages in ABBYY FlexiCapture, e.g. to see if a customer has submitted all the required documents. Suppose you only have a Scanning Station installed in your office. Then document sets can be checked immediately after the documents have been scanned. To implement this check, all the document images should be assembled into documents based on their types (this can be done manually or automatically). Next, the documents should be assembled into document sets and the type of each document and document set should be specified. Now before sending a batch to its intended destination, the program will check if it contains the required number of documents of certain types.

Configuring checks to be performed on document sets

To make the program check document sets after scanning, complete the following steps. In the Batch Type Properties dialog box, specify the document types your batch should contain and the expected document count. Next, select the Check document types and count option. For details, see Scanning Operator's help (Document Types section).

Tip. If some of the document types is optional and should not affect the check, set the minimum number of documents of this type to 0 or leave the field empty.

Assembling documents

After scanning, the images can be automatically separated into batches and documents using the settings specified in the Batch Type Properties dialog box (e.g. by using barcodes or based on the number of pages in each document). You can make adjustments to incorrectly assembled document sets and documents by dragging documents with the mouse or by using Create Document and Disassemble Document commands. The Create Document command can only be applied to selected documents that immediately follow one another.

Assigning document types

Document types can be created manually on the Scanning Station or imported from ABBYY FlexiCapture. If the documents are to be processed by means of ABBYY FlexiCapture, we recommend importing the relevant document types from ABBYY FlexiCapture. This will ensure that each document type on the Scanning Station will have a matching Document Definition in ABBYY FlexiCapture. The section and document counts will also be imported.

Note: After importing document types, you can adjust them (e.g. change the document count for a document type).

Tip. Document types can be assigned at any time while document assembly is in progress. However, the recommended approach is to assemble separate images into documents first, then assign the document types, and only then form document sets.

For instructions on specifying document types, see Scanning Operator's help (Working with Batches, Documents, and PagesTo specify a document type).

Running the check before sending the document sets

If the Check document types and count option is selected for a batch type, then, prior to sending a batch to its intended destination, the program will check if it contains the required number of documents of the types you specified. If the batch passes the check, it will be sent to its intended destination. If the batch fails the check, it will not be sent anywhere and an error message will be displayed (e.g. saying that a document of a certain type is missing). You will need to correct the error (e.g. scan or load any missing documents) before attempting to send the batch again.

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