Creating a Document Definition

Creating a Document Definition is the most critical part of configuring a project and determines the quality of data obtained after processing.

A Document Definition describes the location of document elements and indicates fields to be used in data extraction.

To create a Document Definition, run the Document Definition Wizard:

  1. In the Project Setup Station main window, select Project → Document Definitions...
  2. In the Document Definitions dialog box, click the New... button.
  3. Follow the instructions of the Document Definition Wizard.

The main stages of Document Definition creation depend on the type of documents being processed.

The main stages of creating a Document Definition for fixed forms

Main stages of creating a Document Definition for semi-structured documents

For mixed-type documents containing pages with fixed forms and semi-structured sections, you can attach a FlexiLayout as one of the Document Definition sections. Start creating a Document Definition from any section (flexible or fixed) and then add a new section of a different type.

Documents of various types can be processed in a single flow: within the same project, you can create Document Definitions for fixed forms, semi-structured documents, and mixed-type documents. The program will select appropriate Document Definitions automatically.

To process documents with annexes, create a Document Definition and enable the option Enable annex pages in the Document Definition properties. See Creating Document Definitions for documents with annexes.

To process a document set (i.e. a set of related documents intended for the same purpose, such as personal loan applications or insurance reports), create a Document Definition for the document set. For details, see Document sets.

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