SLA settings

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between two parties for processing documents that regulates the time constraints for such processing of processed documents.

In ABBYY FlexiCapture 12, SLAs are used to ensure that batches are processed on time. A time limit can be specified for processing batches, and tasks from batches that are approaching their deadlines will be moved up in queues. If there are overdue tasks in a queue, batches with the closest due dates will be processed first, regardless of task priority.

Note: Tasks with the extra-high priority are excluded from this rule and will be processed before overdue batches.

If a queue has multiple tasks with the same due date, the tasks with the higher priority will be processed first.

SLA Settings

You can specify time constraints for batch processing on the Project Setup Station. The specified period will begin when documents are scanned on a Scanning Station if one is used, or when the batch is created on the server.

To specify a deadline for a batch:

  1. Open the properties dialog box of the project or a batch type, select the Workflow tab;
  2. Enable the Enable processing time limit for batches option and then click the Set Time Limit... button.
  3. In the dialog box that opens, specify the time in which the batch must be processed using the Batch processing time limit N minutes/hours/days option.

Warnings about overdue batches can be:

  • Set up automatically based on batch settings;
  • Set up manually using the Warn in N minutes/hours/days option.

These warnings will be displayed in the Status column in the batch view of the Project Setup Station and Verification Stations. Once a warning for a batch is displayed, the batch will begin to quickly move up in the processing queue.

Using scripts to specify SLA settings

You can use scripts to set up time constraints for batch processing and the period during which warnings about deadlines will be displayed. Scripts can be used to specify more complicated settings such as time constraints that take the working hours of employees into account.

Note: Scripts can only be used to specify SLA settings in custom batches of any type other than Default.

To specify a processing deadline for a batch using a script:

  1. Open the Properties dialog box of a project or a batch type and select the Workflow tab.
  2. Enable the Enable processing time limit for batches option and click the Set Time Limit... button.
  3. Enable the Set processing time limit with script option and click the Edit button.

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