Task queues

After you enter a station, a page for getting tasks from queues is opened. The list of available queues depends on your role. To start processing a task, click the Get task button.

To get tasks only from a particular queue, choose a desired queue from the list of available queues. In this case, when clicking the Get task button, you will get a task with the highest priority from the selected queue.

You may postpone a task to process it later. It is recommended to process postponed tasks first as they are not available to other Operators. If the Operator who postponed a task does not process it for a long time, this will slow down the processing of the entire batch.

Note: You can set up postponed tasks to be returned to the processing queue after a period of time. To enable this feature, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, open the <servername>\Sites\Default Web Site\FlexiCapture12\Server, and add the following parameter in Application Settings: PostponedTaskExpirationMinutes. Set the value of this parameter to the number of minutes you want to elapse before tasks a returned to the queue (the value must be a whole number) and restart the IIS.

Additional features are available for the Senior Verification Operator role. The Senior Verification Operator can:

  • Open the list of batches if you need to process a particular batch (e.g. send it to a processing stage, change its priority, etc.)
    Note: The list only contains batches for which the Senior Verification Operator has the necessary permissions. Permissions are given out by the Administrator in the Remote Administration and Monitoring Console.
  • Choose a particular task from a queue that contains several tasks
  • Send multiple tasks or batches to a processing stage at the same time.

To check if there are any new tasks in queues, click the Refresh button.

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