What's new in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12


The new auto-learning capabilities help accelerate your time to production and reduce ongoing system maintenance costs. The technology allows the user to train the system to process flexible or irregular document layouts while the Administrator retains full control to edit, fine-tune or discard auto-learning results. Not only will the system learn and improve itself based on feedback from users, but the cost of supporting and maintaining the system will be greatly reduced.

Advanced Classification

Inbound communication can be classified by form and content, and thus support your organization in optimizing information-driven processes. It detects every incoming document type, applying logical form that leads to faster response times and prompt decision-making.

Classification technology comprises image classification, which takes advantage of deep learning (Convolutional Neural Networks) and allows sorting of documents by appearance or pattern, and text classification, which relies on statistical and semantic text analysis. ABBYY FlexiCapture allows users to use any of these technologies separately or to take advantage of both simultaneously.

Scalability and Enhanced Performance

FlexiCapture can be scaled both vertically and horizontally when deployed to support both high volume and fast processing scenarios. Whether you need to process more than 1 million pages per day, the architecture of FlexiCapture can scale to meet your processing requirements. You can control distributed infrastructure, documents processing and Operators via centralized configuration and management.

Service Level Agreement Support

SLA monitoring is the cornerstone of how business operates. Perform monitoring and analytics with new SLA Monitoring feature to ensure your systems are delivering the optimum results and performance. Set document time processing by batch type and change the order of tasks in a queue to speed up for the required timescales. Distribute tasks close to expiration manually in case of overloading. Meet your processing and timing requirements, ensure the system is delivering with standard reports and dashboards.

SLA settings


Create a secured and isolated environment for tenants and apply common policies to different users with the Multi-tenancy feature. Use secure, centralized administration tools to protect data across multiple workgroups with less time for set-up.


Document Sets for case management

Predefine document sets for specific processes, transactions or use cases like customer onboarding cases (accounts opening, getting mortgage or other loans) or incident management (insurance claims, customer service) with the new Document Sets for Case Management feature. Present all valuable information from documents in the summary section and speedup verification of a whole Document Sets. Automatically check document completeness and compliance through pre-defined rules.

Document sets

Multi-channel Input for All Document Types

The Multi-channel input enables you to process both paper and digital documents coming from multiple sources in a single flow – MFPs, network scanners, e-mails, FTP, web post or hot folders and mobile devices. Word, Excel, PDF, email bodies, scanned images, and other digital documents can be processed in the same flow. Text layer of digitally- born documents will be used for data extraction which ensures a high quality of data.

Image pre-processing options

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics Tools

These tools help you analyze document processing flow, ensure continuity of business process, optimize and prioritize resources or packages to tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Administration and Monitoring Console

Smooth Integration and Customization

FlexiCapture API and customization scripts enable development of custom solutions, support specific business scenarios and ensure easy integration into enterprise workflows. They meet the requirements of customized business processes or tailored processing stages and routing to boost specific customer tasks.

Integrating Web Stations into third-party systems

Mobile Capture

Use mobile devices and other document sources to increase data availability and processing speed. High quality of mobile uploads is ensured by the image enhancement tools. Use Mobile Client for FlexiCapture to send and process end-users documents photographed in front office.

Mobile Client for FlexiCapture

HTML5 stations ensure cross-browser support and modern UI

FlexiCapture HTML5 web-stations support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and other browsers. Using remote stations global companies can distribute and manage relevant business processes across remote locations through responsive Web interface.

Accurate recognition mode

Accurate recognition mode is intended for extracting data from barely readable digital images or from poor-quality documents. This primarily applies to text printed on pictorial or textured backgrounds and to documents protected with holographic security elements (e.g. ID cards or licenses). The new Accurate mode is also useful for poor-quality digital images which are too dark or too bright, are not sharp enough, have perspective distortions, or contain very small or barely readable text (e.g. receipts, invoices or contracts).

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