ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices

An ABBYY FlexiCapture component that captures data from invoices.

Additional FlexiLayout

An additional FlexiLayout used in conjunction with the main FlexiLayout to capture additional document fields.

Business unit

An invoiced legal entity.

Credit note

A "negative invoice" issued by a vendor and aimed at correcting the amount or quantity stated in the previously issued invoice. A credit note may be issued, for instance, in the case of undelivered, incomplete, damaged or incorrect goods, or if a buyer has been overcharged. A vendor can either repay the money to the buyer or credit it against future payments.

Database lookup

Comparing captured data against database records.

Generic FlexiLayout

The default FlexiLayout that is used to process all documents of a given type. For documents variants, FlexiLayout variants may be used.


A document that lists goods that have been supplied, their quantity, price, characteristics (such as color, weight, etc.), shipment conditions, and details of the parties.

Invoice line item

A line in an invoice that describes a product or service and states its price and quantity.


Words which are associated with certain invoice fields and which may be used to detect invoice fields. Different languages and countries may have different keywords.

Located element

A FlexiLayout element that is used for locating invoice fields.

Main FlexiLayout

A FlexiLayout that is used to capture the main fields of a document.


Converting differently formatted but essentially identical values to a "normal" format for subsequent comparisons. For example, you can set up the program to ignore spaces and letter case so that it treats "Invoice Number" and "invoicenumber" as one and the same value.

Purchase order

An official offer to buy goods or services that states the kinds of goods and services, their quantity, and agreed price.

Purchase order matching

A feature in ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices that helps Operators to verify invoices by comparing them with their respective purchase orders.


The status assigned to an invoice after applying the validation rules to the captured data. One of the following three statuses may be assigned

  • Valid - Means that the invoice complies with all requirements and can be exported to a data processing system.
  • Rejected - Means that the invoice does not comply with all requirements.
  • Exception - Means that the invoice complies with all requirements but still cannot be treated as "Valid" for some reason. Exceptions require special handling by a data processing system.


A legal entity or a physical person that sells goods or services. Vendors issue invoices for their goods and services. Data from invoices can be captured by means of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices.

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