Configuring auto-learning for field extraction

Auto-learning enables the system to learn from the operators' decisions during document processing in order to improve the detection of document fields.

When the system fails to find a field on a document, an operator may intervene and indicate the correct location of the field. Once the recognized and corrected documents are successfully exported, the system uses the corrections made by the operator as learning input.

Configuring auto-learning

To configure auto-learning, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a Document Definition.
  2. In the section properties of the Document Definition, select Allow field location training.
  3. Create the necessary fields in the section. Select Can have region in the properties of each field.
  4. Save and publish the Document Definition.
  5. In the batch type properties dialog box, click the Workflow and enable the Training stage.

To configure auto-learning for documents of the same type whose appearance varies greatly from one document to another, create variants for each particular field layout and then train a classifier to distinguish the variants. For more about variants, see Variable field locations on documents that belong to the same type.

Additional steps required to configure variants

Note: Field extraction training can also be done by the administrator if a project has to be trained before the operators start working on it.

Once the Document Definition is set up by the administrator, the system will automatically learn from the operators' corrections made on the Verification Stations.

The auto-learning procedure

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