File naming options

File names and paths are generated automatically during export, based on the options specified by the user. File naming options can be specified both for data files and for image files.

Note: A file naming template for data files can be specified when exporting to files. A file naming template for image files can be specified when exporting to files, an ODBC-compatible database, SharePoint or image files.

Note: When working with document sets, the file naming options selected for original fields will also be used for index image fields.

Use the Destination and File Naming Template dialog box to specify file naming options and paths. Depending on the selected export type, click Edit... (to the left of the field with the file naming template) or File Naming Options... to open this dialog box.

In the View field, you can choose one of two ways to create a file naming template:

  • Simple,


  • Advanced,


Make sure that the file naming options you specify do not result in empty file names. If the options you have specified may result in empty file names, the program will display a warning message.

Note: If document images are exported together with data, the same template that is used for naming data files can also be used for naming image files. To use the same template for both kinds of files, select the Same as data option in the Image Export Settings section of the Destination and File Naming Template dialog box.

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