Processing PDF files

Importing and exporting PDF files with attachments

ABBYY FlexiCapturecan import PDF files with attachments. For instance, a PDF/A-3 file may contain a document image and an attached XML file containing standard field values. When the PDF file is imported, the attached file will be imported as an attachment.

PDF files with attachments can be exported using a script with the IExportImageSavingOptions object. The following types of PDF files can be exported:

  • PDF
  • PDF/A-3a
  • PDF/A-3b
  • PDF/A-3u

Code sample illustrating how to export a PDF/A file with an attachment

Creating searchable PDF files

To create searchable PDF files, enable the Create searchable PDF option in export settings. For searchable PDF, search is performed throughout the whole text of the document: the text layer is formed both from verified field values and from document areas outside those fields. For areas outside fields, full-text recognition is performed. In the Search text field, specify where to search text: on all pages, on sections pages or on annexes pages.

Recognition language is defined the following way:

  • For fields, recognition language is specified on the Data type tab of the field properties.
  • For full-text recognition, the Document Definition language is used.
  • For annexes pages, you can select a language (or several languages in the case of multi-language documents) that is different from the language specified in the Document Definition. For this, click Select... to the right of the Language field and select the appropriate languages. By default, the language of the Document Definition is used.

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