Static elements

Static elements are used for Document Definition matching and identification. No data is extracted from them.

To work with static elements in the Document Definition editor, switch to static elements mode by clicking the button.

Static elements can be used for Document Definition matching and identification. Their method of use is determined when you configure element properties. Anchors are used to match the Document Definition with the form image. Identifiers are required for determining to which forms pages belong where various forms are processed in a single flow. For details, see Creating machine-readable forms.

Static elements have no names, only regions on the image.

When a Document Definition is applied to a document image, the program searches for static elements and selects a Document Definition based on their location. Recognition of values of static elements (text and barcode) is performed only in case when it is required for identification purposes. See Specifying identifier values.

The program works with static elements of the following types:

Static element Toolbar button
Anchor text
Anchor barcode

The program searches for anchors automatically when an image is added.

How to create a static element manually:

  1. Select the static elements mode
  2. Select the tool for creating an element of the required type
  3. Place the cursor in the corner of the element, left-click and drag diagonally to the opposite corner
    use Shift-Click in the element region.

The static element region will be framed with a rectangle. Its color depends on the static element type. The static element is assigned default properties.

How to change the properties of a static element:

  1. Highlight the element region on the image, right-click and select Properties... from the shortcut menu.
  2. Modify static element properties in the dialog box that opens.

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