Merge Fields rule

This rule is meant for merging the values of several fields. Merged field values can be separated with a dot, space or other separators.

To create a values merge rule, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the field properties dialog box (right-click the field to open its shortcut menu and select Properties...) or the Document Definition properties dialog box (from the Document Definition editor menu, select Document Definition → Document Definition Properties...).
  2. Go to the Rules tab.
  3. Click the New Rule... button.
  4. From the list of rule types select Merge Fields and click OK.
  5. Type the name of the rule.
  6. Disable the Show rule name in message to verifier option if necessary. If this option is disabled, the error message will be displayed as "error message" instead of "name of rule: error message".
  7. If required, specify the conditions under which the rule must be applied (by default, a rule is applied unconditionally). See Conditions for applying rules for more information.
  8. Specify tags for the rule.
  9. Disable the Enabled rule option if necessary. The rule will be created, but will not be applied until this option is enabled by a user.
  10. Click Next >.
  11. In the dialog box that opens, add the fields you want to merge to the Fields to merge list using the Add... button. Next, specify a Result field in which you want to store the merged value and specify the desired separator in the Separator box.
  12. By default, separators will be added between non-empty values. If you want the program to add separators at all times, even for empty field values, enable the option Put separators for empty field values.
  13. Click Finish to complete rule creation. The rule name will be shown on the Rules tab.

The merge result can be stored in any Document Definition field. For this purpose it is convenient to use fields without a regions.

If you need to export only the value of the resulting field, and not the values of fields included in the merger, disable the Export field value option for such fields.

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