Field training limitations

This section describes techniques and limitations applicable when training the capture of certain types of fields.

Repeating field groups

Currently, training is not supported for repeating field groups with the exception of invoice line items.

You may want to use training for line items in the following cases:

  • The program fails to detect some columns, some columns are detected incorrectly, or there are too many errors in the detected values.
  • The program fails to detect any line items at all or detects them incorrectly.

For more information, see Verification of line items.

Purchase order number

Many buyers keep records of their purchase orders, while vendors will put PO numbers on invoices that they issue to buyers (see Purchase order matching for details).

If an invoice has only one PO number printed on it, the program will be able to learn to capture this field just like any other field, despite the fact that a PO number is a field in a repeating group (named "PurchaseOrder").

In this scenario, data is captured from the first instance of the repeating group (from the Order Number and Total fields) and copied into two fields of an additional group. Next, the program learns to capture these two fields of the additional group. If the repeating group contains multiple instances, the program will only learn to capture the first instance, so if most of your invoices contain multiple PO numbers each, consider using a data set or regular expressions.

  • If you create a new project, training for the PurchaseOrder group will be enabled automatically.
  • If you update a project created in an earlier version of ABBYY FlexiCapture, follow these steps to enable training:
    1. In the Document Definition Editor, click Document Definition  Document Definition Properties...Event Handlers.
    2. Under Handlers, select After document state changed.
    3. In the settings of the TrainablePO group, select the Copy PO data to TrainablePO rule.
    4. Check the field recognition settings for the OrderNumber and Total fields in the TrainablePO group. Verify that Filling type > Standard recognition is selected in the Recognition tab.

Note: The PurchaseOrder group and its fields must be enabled. To enable these fields, open the Document Definition Editor, then click Document Definition Document Definition Properties...Document Definition SettingsAdditional Fields and Features and select Purchase order matching.

Total and Amount fields

Certain limitations apply when using training results for Total and Amount fields. These limitations are due to the fact that the program assigns a confidence property to field regions detected when applying a generic FlexiLayout. The program will then take this property into account when choosing between the generic and the trained FlexiLayout variant. For details, see Training the capture of Amount fields for invoice recognition.

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