Capturing purchase orders

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices includes a special type of project called Orders, which allows you to capture data from purchase orders without any additional preparations. For this type of project, a preconfigured Document Definition is available which contains the fields, rules, country settings, and validation rules required to capture data from purchase orders.

A purchase order is a document used for ordering goods. Structurally, purchase orders are in many respects similar to invoices. For this reason, purchase order projects share many settings with invoice projects. You will be able to use a database of companies, create training batches for documents originating from a specific company, use country settings for country-specific keywords and tax rates, etc.

To capture purchase order fields, the program uses both FlexiLayouts and machine learning based on neural networks. Both methods are intelligently combined to achieve the best possible results. Any fields that the program fails to capture using its machine learning algorithms will be captured by means of a suitable FlexiLayout.

To start capturing purchase orders, create a new ABBYY FlexiCapture project, selecting Orders for the type of your project. The newly created project will include a Document Definition named Order, complete with all the required fields and rules.

Data capture can be improved by using automated training. The training batches will be associated with the ID of the company ordering goods.

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