PurchaseOrders data set

This data set contains information about orders. It is used to capture order numbers and amounts from invoices and for matching invoices with their respective orders.

Name Type Description
PONumber Text, not normalized Required field. Order number.
Netto Double, not normalized Required field. The amount of the order.
VendorId Text, not normalized Optional field. The ID of the vendor which corresponds to the order number. If the values of this column are specified, once the vendor is detected, the list of orders will be filtered and the program will work only with orders from this vendor's data set.
BUId Text, not normalized Optional field. The identifier of a business unit. This field must be detected if you process invoices issued by different business units of a company. Each business unit may have its own list of PO numbers. The BUId field is used to place the PO numbers of different business units into one data set, in which case the BUId and PONumber fields uniquely identify the order.

For more information about detecting the main document fields, see Detecting the main fields.

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