What it does

Represents a page.

Note. Some methods and properties of this object are not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally. The methods and properties that are not supported are marked with an asterisk (*).


Definition Description
ApplyImageEnhancementProfile( name: string ) *

Applies the set enhancement profile to an image. If applying a profile creates new pages, they will be added to a document after the current page.


MarkAsAnnex() * Marks the page as an annex that does not require recognition.
ReplaceImage( newPicture : IPictureObject ) *

Replaces the page image with a new one.

The new image can be created by editing another IPictureObject object, loaded from file using the FCTools.LoadImage method or created from a bitmap file stored in memory (for example, .NET System.Drawing.Image) using the FCTools.PictureFromHBitmap method.

RevertToOriginalImage() *

Reverts to the original page image. This method can only be called if the HasOriginalImage property is set to true.


SaveAs( filename : string, [optional] options : IExportImageSavingOptions ) *

Saves the page image depending on saving options. If options are not specified, the image is saved as *.tif.

Is an internal** field.

SaveSourceFile () *

Saves the source file from which the page image originated to the specified file. This method can only be called if the source file was saved. You can check if the source file was saved using the SourceFileGUID method.

See also Sample scripts describing export.

SaveXmlTextToFile( filename : string ) * Saves all of the text on the page as an XML file to the specified folder.
SaveXmlTextToFileStorage() * Saves all of the text on the page as an XML file to the folder of the batch in the file storage.


Name Type Access Description
AsBatchItem * IBatchItem Read-only Converts the page into an IBatchItem object.  
Attachments * IUserAttachments Read-only User attachments.
Comment * string Read-only The page description.
Document * IDocument Read-only The document that contains the page
ExcludedFromDocumentImage * bool Read/write, Mutable (can be modified even in scripts with read-only permissions)

Applies during export of the document image. Indicates that the current page image should not be exported when exporting the whole document.

Is an internal** field.

FullText * string Read-only The recognized text on the page.
FullTextCharRects * IRects Read-only Rectangles of characters from FullText.
HasOriginalImage * bool Read-only Indicates whether or not the original page image is available.
Id string Read-only The page identifier
ImageSource * string Read-only The source of an image. If the image was imported from a file, this property will contain the path to the file. If the image was received from a scanner, ImageSource will contain the name of the source. Contains an empty value if the image was imported using a custom import.
ImageSourceFileSubPath * string Read-only The path of the source image relative to the root of Hot Folder or the folder they were imported from.
ImageSourcePageNumber * int Read-only The number of the source page in the file.
ImageSourceType * string Read-only String "File", "Scanner" or "Custom" depending on the source
Index * int Read-only The page index in the document
IsAnalyzed * bool Read-only Specified whether the page is analyzed.
IsResultClassConfident * bool Read/write Shows whether the page was confidently classified.
MatchedSection * IMatchedSectionInfo Read-only Detailed information about the section which is matched on the page. If there are no matched sections on the page, the value is null.
Picture * IPictureObject Read-only

The page image.

Is an internal** field.

Rect * IRect Read-only

The rectangle of the page.

Is an internal** field.

ReferenceClassName * string Read-only The reference class of the page.
ResultClassName * string Read/write The name of the class that is assigned to the page.
SectionName * string Read-only The document section name.
SourceFileGUID * string Read-only The identifier of a source file of a document. Contains an empty string if the source file was not saved.
SourceImageRotation * int Read-only

The angle (in degrees) to which the source page image was rotated. Possible values: 0, 90, 180, 270. For pages rotated counter-clockwise, the value of clockwise rotation is returned (e.g. for image rotated 90˚ counter-clockwise, 270 is returned).

The property is available only if the document that contains the page is open.

Is an internal** field.

Returns the rotation angle for images:

  1. imported from a Hot Folder;
  2. loaded in the Project Setup Station or in the rich Verification Station;
  3. rotated during recognition;
  4. rotated manually in rich and remote stations;
  5. rotated manually in the Web Verification Station or during verification in the Web Capture Station.

Ignores the rotation value for images:

  1. rotated by scripts;
  2. rotated in the (Web-) Scanning Station or during scanning in the Web Capture Station;
  3. rotated automatically when correcting image skew.

** - The internal field requires loading the object into memory.

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