What it does

A collection of the IUserAttachment objects.

Note. Some methods and properties of this object are not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally. The methods and properties that are not supported are marked with an asterisk (*).


Definition Description
AddNew( name : string) : IUserAttachment *

Creates a new attachment file and starts editing it.

Important! The method creates a new IUserAttachment item without adding it to the collection. To add the item to the collection and make it available for editing, the UploadAttachment( ) method must be called.

Note: If a non-zero attachment with this name already exists, an exception will be returned.

Delete( name : string) *

Deletes the attachment file with the given name.

Note: When deleting an element, its existence is not checked. Thus the method succeeds even if the element being deleted is not in the collection.

Get( name : string) : IUserAttachment * Accesses the attachment file with the given name
Has( name : string) : bool * Checks whether the attachment file with the specified name exists


Name Type Access Description
IsEmpty bool Read-only Checks whether the array contains any attachment files
Names IVariantArray Read-only The array with the names of attachment files

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