File Storage

Project files (i.e. documents, Document Definitions, etc.) should be stored in a dedicated File Storage folder. The File Storage folder should be specified in the Administration and Monitoring Console. The File Storage folder should be located on the same computer that hosts the Application Server. Be sure to specify the local (i.e. c:\\...) and not the network (i.e. \\server\...) path to the File Storage folder. If no File Storage folder is specified, project files are stored in a database.

Note: Storing files in a database can load SQL Server significantly, as images being processed usually occupy a lot of space. For this reason it is best to avoid storing project files in a database (however, you can store demonstration project files in a database).

The size of the File Storage folder depends on images being processed. The required size can be roughly estimated as follows: average size of image to be processed * number of images in set * 2.

Note: The formula above does not apply to formats that use vector graphics, specifically PDF. Images in vector formats will be converted to a raster format during processing, which will significantly increase their size.

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