Scope of field extraction training

Field extraction training can be used for structured and semi-structured documents. Training is available for simple fields, field groups, and recurring groups.

Simple fields

Field groups

Recurring groups

To achieve better results, it is recommended to upload from 3 to 50 document samples of each type during training.

Note: To fine-tune the field extraction, use ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio. The trained Document Definition may be exported to FlexiLayout Studio and taken as a basis for a new FlexiLayout.

Variable field locations on documents that belong to the same type

The program is able to detect fields in documents that belong to the same type but look very different, for example, invoices from different vendors, bank statements, driving licenses of different states, various forms, and so on. ABBYY FlexiCapture allows you to process such documents by means of a special feature called document variant. It enables you to create a set of variants for documents that belong to the same type, when every variant will correspond to a certain position of fields.

The training of fields with variable location includes creation and training of the classifier that distinguishes between types of documents. For details, please see Creating a classifier. When the variant of a document is determined, the program uses the general field extraction training mechanism.

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