Overview of program settings for document processing

The Administrator configures the program for processing certain types of document. To prepare the program for document processing, you need to create:

  1. A project
    A project is a collection of settings related to a specific business process, it includes image import profiles, Document Definitions, and document batches for processing.
  2. One or several Document Definitions
    Creating a Document Definition is the most critical stage in configuring a project. If you plan to process various types of documents in a single flow, you need to create several Document Definitions as part of a single project.
  3. Batch types
    The type of a batch determines how FlexiCapture will process it. Batch types include settings that affect how images are recognized and processed, how the program checks the integrity of batches and how it exports data.
  4. Image import profiles
    Import profiles are created for convenience and to streamline the work of Operators. If import profiles are not configured, each time you add images you have to select the import source and configure settings. Import profiles allow you to add images at the click of a button and to switch easily between import sources.
  5. A document batch
    Documents submitted for processing are added to batches. The principle of assigning documents to batches is user-defined: you can process all documents in a single batch or form batches from documents added on the same date or from a batch scanned in a single pass. If you add images for which there are no batches, a batch will be created automatically.

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