Overview of the work of operators with a configured program

Operators use a program that is preconfigured. Document processing includes the following stages:

  1. Adding images
    Document processing starts with acquiring images - either by scanning or by loading images automatically using import profiles (e. g. Hot Folders). Scanning is performed by the Operator of the Scanning Station, automatic loading is performed by the Processing Stations.
  2. Recognition
    Recognition is carried out automatically on the Processing Station: the program selects the appropriate Document Definition based on the positions of the static elements, applies the Document Definition, and recognizes the data in the fields specified in the Document Definition.
  3. Verification
    Verification the process of checking data is the most labor-intensive part of the Operator's work. It comprises:
    • Verification of document assembly checking whether document pages have been assembled correctly;
    • Group verification a visual check on groups of identically recognized characters;
    • Field verification a check on uncertainly recognized characters within the context of fields with a known range of values;
    • Rule validation checking for rule errors.
    • Batch integrity check - starting the integrity scripts and correcting any errors.

      Documents can be verified on two stations.
      Basic verification is done on the Data Verification Station, where only group and field verification modes are available to the Operator.
      More complex verification is performed on the Verification Station, where apart from data verification the Verification Operator and the Senior Verification Operator may check document assembly, correct rule errors and perform batch integrity check.
  4. Data export
    Data are exported automatically on the Processing Station in accordance with the settings provided in the Document Definition. A batch is exported either immediately after it has been processed or after it has been confirmed by the Senior Verification Operator (the corresponding settings are made by the Administrator).

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