Batch types

In ABBYY FlexiCapture, documents are processed in batches. Batches can be created automatically or manually when scanning documents or importing document images. Each batch must be assigned a type, which determines the document processing settings to be used for the batch. You can create multiple batch types for the most commonly used combinations of document processing settings. An operator will then select the batch type that best suits his/her document processing needs.

You can use multiple batch types within one project. Batch types are created in the Create New Batch Type dialog box.

To open the Create New Batch Type dialog box:

  1. Start the Project Setup Station by clicking Start → All programs → ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations → Project Setup Station) and open a project from the server (File → Open Project from Server....
  2. On the Project menu, click Batch Types.... .
  3. In the Batch Types dialog box, click New....

New batch types will be automatically uploaded to the Application Server and will become available to the operators.

The options available in the properties dialog box of a batch type are described below.

The Recognition tab lets you choose between two types of Document Definition matching:

  • Use all Document Definitions

  • Use selected Document Definitions

To speed up FlexiLayout matching, select the Use first acceptable FlexiLayout option. If this option is not selected, the program will attempt to match all of the available FlexiLayouts and select the best match.

Note: The Use first acceptable FlexiLayout option may be also selected in the Default batch type.

Note: To enable operators to work with newly created batch types, the Administrator must specify which batch types are available to which operators. This can be done when assigning operator roles.

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