User attachments

User attachments can be added for pages, documents and batches. Attached files can be later edited and downloaded.

You can attach files of any format , for example, you can add a file with digital signature when scanning images.

The following ways of adding attachments are available:

  1. When importing images from Hot Folder according to settings specified in the description file.
  2. On the Attachments tab of page, document or batch properties dialog box, click the Add... button. In the dialog box that opens, specify the attachment name and the path to the it.
  3. By script using the IUserAttachments.AddNew method. Methods of the IUserAttachment interface also allows you to edit added attachments.
  4. By using Web Service API. For details, please refer to Web Services API help file.

To save the attachment to a hard disk on your computer, click the Save As... button on the Attachments tab or use the IUserAttachment.ToFile method.

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