ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK Modules

The functionality of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK is represented by a set of modules. Each module is a group of Engine functions. Some modules can be included in ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK licenses as predefined modules and others as additional ones.

For additional licensing information, please contact the ABBYY office serving your region.

An ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK License allows you to process a certain number of pages per period (usually per month). This means that the user can process (analyze, recognize, or export to any format) no more pages than is allowed by the user's license. The counter is incremented by 1 when processing an A4 page or smaller. When processing a page which is n times larger than A4, the counter will be incremented by n.

The modules available in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK are listed in the table below.

Module Description
FlexibleLayouts Allows you to work with flexible descriptions (created with ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio).
Number of fields

Specifies the maximum number of fields, which can be recognized in a document.

Note: If the license contains this restriction, the Document Definitions that contain table blocks cannot be matched.

Verification Provides access to the verification-related objects, extended character information, and some features of export to XML format.
Searchable PDF Allows you to export electronic copies of documents to searchable PDF (IImageExportParams::CreateSearchablePDF).
Licensed custom components only This module allows you to use either both protected and unprotected custom components, or only protected custom components.
NLP Allows you to work with NLP models to process unstructured texts.
Additional languages (OCR)
Chinese This module provides access to the Chinese (PRC) and Chinese (Taiwan) recognition languages.
Korean This module provides access to the Korean and Korean (Hangul) recognition languages.
Japanese This module provides access to the Japanese and Japanese (Modern) recognition languages.
Thai This module provides access to Thai recognition language.
Vietnamese This module provides access to Vietnamese recognition language.
Arabic This module provides access to Arabic recognition language.
Additional languages (ICR)
Cyrillic This module allows you to recognize Cyrillic hand-printed texts.

License-related errors

When unavailable method is called, unsupported value is assigned to an object property or passed as an argument to an object method, the operation will fail, and the CO_E_NOT_SUPPORTED error code will be returned.

When number of processed pages exceeds the value allowed by Limited modification, the recognition methods will fail, and the E_FAIL error code will be returned.

When the license has been expired or not loaded, all methods of the Engine object will fail and return CLASS_E_NOTLICENSED error code.

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