About ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK Activation

ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK must be activated before use. If you have a Standalone license, you should activate ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK on the same computer on which ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK is installed. In the case of Network license, you should activate ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK on a network server – a computer which will manage and distribute licenses among workstations in a network. However ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK may be installed both on the network server and on workstations.

Both Standalone and Network licenses require Licensing Service (LicensingService.exe) for correct operation of ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK. The Licensing Service will be installed automatically during the Developer installation and the Runtime installation of the ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK library in automatic mode.

Note: The Licensing Service settings are provided in the LicensingSettings.xml file. The file is required for network installation and for standalone installation if Hardware or Online protection key is used. This file is generated automatically during automatic installation. The XML scheme of the settings is located in the LicensingSettings.xsd file. You can find this file in the Inc folder (Start > Programs > ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK > Include Files Folder). The detailed description of the settings is provided in the Working with the LicensingSettings.xml File section.

For managing licenses ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK provides the License Manager utility. With the help of this utility you can add, remove, activate, deactivate, update licenses and view license properties. The License Manager utility allows you to work with licenses of all protection types:

  • Software protection key
    Uses an activation file that should be obtained from the ABBYY server during an activation process.
  • Hardware protection key
    Uses a USB dongle that contains the license parameters. In the case of a hardware protection key, license activation is not required.
  • Online protection
    Uses a password-protected file that contains the license parameters. In this case license activation is not required.

If you choose a hardware protection key

If you choose the hardware protection key, the Wibu CodeMeter drivers must be installed on the computer where the License Service is installed, which is currently possible only during automatic runtime installation. Once the installation is completed, connect the hardware protection key to the USB port of the computer. Make sure that you do it before the first run of the program. No license activation is required. To view license properties, use the License Manager utility.

If you choose online protection

If you choose online protection, you need to ensure that the Licensing Service installed on your computer can connect to ABBYY online licensing services: allow connections to *.abbyy.com on port 443.

With online protection, license activation is not required, but the Licensing Service synchronizes with online in set time intervals. If the connection to the online licensing service is lost, there is also a certain timeout during which it can be re-established, otherwise the license is invalidated until the Licensing Service connects to the licensing server again. The synchronization and timeout periods are the parameters of your license.

The same Online License can be used on multiple computers; no specific actions are required to allow concurrent usage.

If you choose a software protection key

A software protection key requires the activation of its serial number by means of the License Manager utility.

How is activation carried out?

Activation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of an Activation Wizard. This wizard is built into the License Manager utility. The Activation Wizard has a friendly interface and is used for sending the necessary activation information to ABBYY. The same wizard is used for loading the ABBYY License File (*.ABBYY.License file) which you receive from ABBYY during activation.

Activation information is sent as a code (Installation ID) which is generated on the basis of information about the computer on which the program is being installed. No personal information about the user or computer is used for generating this code and this code cannot be used for identifying the user.

Activation methods:

  • Via the Internet

Activation is carried out automatically and takes only a few seconds. An Internet connection is required for this type of activation.

  • By e-mail

The user needs to send an e-mail message generated by the program and containing information required for activation to product-activation-robot@abbyy.com. To ensure a quick reply from the mail robot, do not alter the information in the message body or Subject field.

  • By e-mail from another computer

This method is suitable, if your computer does not have an Internet connection. The program will generate an e-mail message containing information required for activation and offer you to copy the message and send it to ABBYY from another computer.

In the case of activation via the Internet, the whole process is carried out automatically. In the case of activation by e-mail, the user needs to enter the path to the Activation File received from ABBYY in the corresponding field of the Activation Wizard.

Once the activation is complete, the program can be used.


ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK can be reinstalled on one and the same computer an unlimited number of times without reactivation. However, if you make major upgrades, format your hard drive, or reinstall the operating system on the computer where the Licensing Service is installed, an additional activation may be required.


ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK license can be deactivated. The deactivated license can be then activated on another computer. The number of allowed deactivations can be restricted by your license.

Deactivation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of a Deactivation Wizard. This wizard is built into the License Manager utility. During the deactivation the Activation File (*.ABBYY.License file) which you receive from ABBYY during activation is deleted. Any copy of this file cannot be used for activation again.

The deactivation can be performed only via the Internet. Deactivation is carried out automatically and takes only a few seconds. An Internet connection is required. Once the deactivation is complete, the license can be activated on another computer.

License update

If you have purchased additional modules or an additional amount of pages for ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK and your license does not allow you to use them, you need to update the license. The license update process is similar to the activation process. The update process is carried out with the help of the Update Wizard and can be performed via the Internet or by e-mail. Once the update is complete, the newest functionality of the program can be used.

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