Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • OCR technology for more than 200 languages. See the full list of supported languages.
  • 41 languages have dictionary/morphology support.
  • Recognition of multilingual documents.
  • Recognition of dot-matrix documents — ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK recognizes printed dot matrix texts of many types. It has been trained using several thousand samples produced by a variety of printers including dot matrix, daisy wheel, chain and band printers, as well as using draft and Near Letter Quality (NLQ) printing modes.
  • Recognition of typewritten documents.
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) character recognition.
  • Thai, Vietnamese and Hebrew OCR.
  • Recognition of OCR-A, OCR-B, MICR (E13B) and CMC7.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

  • ICR technology for 130 languages.
  • About 30 languages (with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets) with morphology and dictionary support and 85 languages with Latin characters without dictionaries.
  • ICR for Indian digits used in Arab states.
  • 22 regional styles of handprinting and handwriting used in different countries and regions of the world (for supported ICR languages).
  • Recognition of handprinted and handwritten characters in fields and frames – underlined fields, boxes, comb-style fields, etc.
  • Multilingual ICR. One of the main advantages of ABBYY ICR technology is that it delivers almost the same high accuracy on digits and digits combined with letters of one or several languages, even if the fields contain both upper and lower case letters.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

The ABBYY's OMR technology recognizes simple checkmarks, grouped checkmarks, model checkmarks and checkmarks with “corrections” made by hand in different variations:

  • checkmarks in square frame
  • checkmarks against the empty background
  • non-standard checkmark types

OMR delivers accuracy rate of 99.995 %.

Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)

  • 1D and 2D barcode types. ABBYY Data Capture SDK supports recognition of popular types of 1D and 2D barcodes. See the full list of supported barcodes.
  • Smart barcode extraction. This feature enables automated detection and recognition of barcodes at any angle on a document. It works both for 1D and 2D barcodes.

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