Online Licensing

Online Licenses are primarily intended for applications deployed to a cloud environment, but can also be used on workstations or virtual machines that are connected to the Internet. Online protection mechanism is supported both for Developer and Runtime Licenses.

An Online License does not bind to a specific host, which makes it much more convenient than licenses with software or hardware keys in cases when ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK is used in a cloud or virtual environment. Instead of license activation, the Licensing Service installed locally (on the machine that uses the license) communicates with the ABBYY Online licensing service over the Internet to allow license usage. License checks happen periodically while ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK is running, so using an Online License requires active Internet connection.

An Online License does not limit concurrent usage: the same Online License can be used simultaneously by a number of cloud instances or Internet-enabled workstations. Online protection type limits only the total number of recognized pages, which is checked when performing license synchronization.

Note: The local Licensing Service (one instance or workstation) can work with only one Online License at the same time.

If the connection to the ABBYY online licensing service is lost, the local Licensing Service will be unable to synchronize and the license will be invalidated. However, this does not happen immediately: a certain autonomous run time is allowed after a failed synchronization. If the connection is restored during this time, the license will continue working without any impact to ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK functionality. This reconnection timeout and the synchronization period are specific parameters of each Online License, and can be adjusted to your needs by sales.

Online licensing requirements

Using an Online License requires:

  • Active Internet connection.
  • Allowed connections to * on port 443.

For the list of supported environments, see the System Requirements section.

Online License information

Online License parameters are contained in a password-protected file (license token file) which is used for authorization when connecting to ABBYY online licensing services.

When you order an Online License, you should receive the following information from sales:

  • your Customer Project ID (a string of text),
  • a license token file (a file named like SWRTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.ABBYY.ActivationToken), and
  • a password to the license token file (another string of text).

The Customer Project ID is required for the developer installation and at runtime. The token file and the password are required for the developer installation and at runtime, whenever ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 SDK functions are used.

Developing online-licensed applications

The library is loaded with the help of the IEngineLoader::GetEngine method. It supports all license types, including the Online License, so that you will not need to rewrite your code when switching from one license type to another. The following information about your Online License is to be set with the properties of the IEngineLoader object:

  • your Customer Project ID,
  • the path to the license token file, and
  • the license token password.

For full details, see the description of the Step 1: Load ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK.

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