Image Preprocessing

Upon receiving images, ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK performs a range of image preprocessing operations to improve the quality of document images for further recognition or archiving.

Automated image de-skewing It is an essential document imaging function which is applied to scanned documents requiring the compensation for image skew. It does not require leading edge borders or lines. ABBYY FlexiCapture SDK provides several methods for de-skewing images: with pairs of black squares, lines or lines of text.

Image despeckling

(or image clean-up)

When scanning poor to medium quality documents, you may get very noisy images with lots of dots or speckles on them. These speckles, when they appear close to the letters or numbers, may affect the quality of OCR. This feature removes such noise. The size of the speckles to be removed may be specified by the user. Can be applied to an image as well as to any individual block (or zone) of the image.
Mirroring and inverting There is an option to mirror the prepared image around its vertical axis. Also it is possible to invert colors of the prepared image.
Color filtering

Intelligent background filtering and stamp removal are particularly helpful for extracting data from documents printed on color or textured backgrounds.

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